Guidance Letter P-031


SUBJECT:  Hiring Procedures for Faculty

  1. Hiring Philosophy
    In its hiring practices for faculty, Cleveland State is looking for the following:
    1. Faculty who understand and value the concept and mission of a community college;
    2. Faculty who value life-long learning and strive for excellence within their field of expertise;
    3. Faculty who understand and value the concept of teamwork and the value of each individual within the team and who strive to establish a congenial work atmosphere;
    4. Faculty who represent, understand, and value cultural and ethnic diversity;
    5. Faculty who exhibit a positive attitude toward assignments of committee work and various other tasks that promote the division and/or college; and
    6. Faculty who demonstrate both technical competence in their discipline(s) and the ability to communicate effectively that expertise through an appreciation of diverse learning styles and flexible teaching methods.
  2. Procedures for Approval of A New Position
    Consideration for new positions must be made in ample time for inclusion in the appropriate budget cycle.  The request for a new position is generated at the division level and forwarded to the Dean of Academic Affairs with justification including, but not limited to, needs assessment (including enrollment history and regional/national trends, if applicable), cost projection, job description and appropriate additional specifications.  If approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs, the position request will be included in the budget request for the division and forwarded to the President for approval.  If approved by the President, the request will be forwarded to the TBR for approval.  All position requests should be prioritized at the departmental, division and executive levels before being presented to the President.
    Once a new position has been approved through all channels, the same hiring procedures will be followed as those for the filling of a previously existing position that has been vacated.  (see Procedures for Hiring below.)
  3. Procedures for Hiring for Approved Positions
    1. The request for hiring is initiated at the divisional level.  A Personnel Request Form is obtained from the Personnel Office.  After completion on the divisional level of the Academic Affairs portion, the form is forwarded to the Dean of Academic Affairs with the job description attached.  If approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Personnel Request Form and job description are sent to the Personnel Office and Financial Affairs Office for budget information.
    2. The Assistant Dean in whose area the opening exists will establish a Review Committee.  The Review Committee for a faculty position will consist of the Dean of Academic Affairs (or his/her designee) as chair, Assistant Dean of the division, a minimum of two faculty members in the discipline or, of needed, in a related area, and one faculty-at-large from outside the division.  All Review Committees should reflect the gender and ethnic diversity of East Tennessee.  Additional staff members may be added to the committee when needed or desired.
    3. After certification of the Review Committee by the Affirmative Action Committee, the Personnel Office then forwards the request form, the job description, and the names of the Review Committee members to the President for approval to advertise the position.
    4. The approved Personnel Request Form, committee membership, and the job description will be forwarded to the Personnel Office.  The Personnel Office will take appropriate steps to advertise the job opening, screen the applications for minimum qualifications, and forward the applicant pool to the Affirmative Action Committee to certify affirmative action and ADA compliance.
    5. After certification, the Personnel Officer will forward the appropriately screened list of applicants, along with a certification of the pool, to the Review Committee in a timely fashion.  The Review Committee will scrutinize the applications of the qualified applicants and interview at least three (qualified) applicants if available.
  4. Interview Process
    1. The Review Committee, in cooperation with the Personnel Office, will establish a schedule for the interviews.
      The interview process will have the following components; the order of the components is at the discretion of the Review Committee:
      1. interview with the Review Committee;
      2. meeting with the Dean of Academic Affairs (if a designee chairs the Review Committee);
      3. briefing by the Personnel Officer about benefits, etc.;
      4. campus tour and meeting of appropriate personnel; and
      5. a demonstration lecture may be included in the interview process.
    2. Reference checks will be conducted by the Assistant Dean and/or the Chair of the Review Committee.           
    3. At the end of the interview process, the Review Committee will submit in writing its recommendation (with rationale, if appropriate, in order of priority) to the Personnel Office.  Only candidates that are acceptable to the Review Committee should be included.  The Personnel Office will forward the pool certification, recommendation of the committee, and applications of interviewed candidates (with reference checks) to the President.  If the Review Committee cannot agree on a priority listing on the recommendation(s), the committee will forward to the Personnel Office the unranked names of all of the acceptable candidates.  If no candidates can be recommended at this stage, the position will be readvertised with the approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs.      
    4. The President may accept the recommendation(s) of the committee or meet and confer with the committee regarding the recommendations, if she/he does not accept the recommendation(s) of the committee as presented.
    5. If the President approves the hiring of a candidate, she/he will sign the appropriate forms and return them to the Personnel Office.
    6. Salary level will be developed by the Personnel Office.
    7. The Personnel Officer will make the employment offer to the successful candidate and notify the other candidates that the position has been filled.