Guidance Letter P-041


Subject: Full-time Faculty Office Hours

As per TBR Policy 5:01:00:00 and CSCC Guidance Letter P-40, a normal five-day workweek for faculty is 37.5 hours per week 30 of which should be on campus.  The work of faculty is very diverse and includes teaching classes, curriculum development, class preparation, student advisement, department/division or campus-wide meetings, as well as college and/or community service.  Advisement of students typically occurs during faculty members’ scheduled office hours and scheduled advisement sessions such as NSARs, Late Registration, Schedule Adjustment, etc. 

  1. Full-time faculty are expected to schedule and post 7.5 hours per week when they will be available in their offices—regardless of the number of hours they are teaching.  
  2. For the remainder of the workweek (excluding class time and office hours), faculty are to be available for campus and community service, class preparation, research, etc. 
  3. Full-time faculty who teach in the summer are also expected to schedule office hours in the same way as adjunct faculty by being available to students at appropriate times when students are on campus. 
  4. The primary responsibility for the scheduling of office hours rests with the division deans who will determine the most appropriate use of office hours for their faculty.

Source: TBR Policy No. 5:01:00:00; CSCC Guidance Letter P-040

Approved by: Academic Dean’s Council December 5, 2012; Faculty Senate December 11, 2012; President’s Cabinet 1/8/13.