Policy No. 1:18:00:00


Subject:  Firearms and Other Weapons

In accordance with Tennessee laws, except as noted below, the possession of firearms (including handguns and hunting weapons) or other dangerous weapons by anyone on Cleveland State property, or property leased by Cleveland State for its use, is prohibited.  Violations of this prohibition are subject to appropriate disciplinary/legal action.  The only exceptions to this policy are:

  1. The possession of weapons by law enforcement officers of the city, county, state or federal government (and military personnel as authorized under TCA 39-17-1309) when in the discharge of their official duties.
  2. The possession of weapons by students and instructors in the Basic Police Training Program on those occasions wherein the specific training activities of the time require the possession of a weapon or weapons.
  3. Specific instructional/ceremonial situations wherein an exception to this policy is determined to be necessary and is authorized by the President.

Effort shall be made to ensure that all campus entrants are notified of the weapons prohibition.

Source:  Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-1309 and 39-17-1359; TBR Memorandum dated October 9, 1996.
Related:  TBR Policies No. 3:02:00:01 and 3:02:02:00, Rules of the Board of Regents, Chapter 0240-3-8.