Policy No. 2:01:00:00


SUBJECT:  Credit for Prior Learning

CSCC recognizes that in addition to formal classroom instruction, there are alternate methods of learning.  In order to assist students to progress through the curriculum and meet program requirements expeditiously and with the least amount of redundancy, the College encourages students to demonstrate acquired learning and competencies through any of the following methods: external examinations, college proficiency examinations, credit for military experience/training, and life experience credit. In each case, academic credit is awarded upon demonstration of proficiencies specified in the official course syllabus. The Enrollment Services Office is responsible for coordinating the review of this type of alternate credit and posting it to the student’s permanent record. The definitions and limitations of these alternate methods of earning academic credit are as follows:

  1. General Limitations
    1. Credit is awarded only for documented learning which demonstrates achievement of all outcomes for specific courses in an approved degree and/or certificate program being pursued by the student.
    2. Credit is awarded only to matriculated students.
    3. A maximum of 25 percent of the total hours required for a student’s program of study may be earned through Credit by External Examination, Credit by Life Experience, Credit for Non-Credit Coursework or by a combination of these methods.
    4. Credit may not duplicate credit already awarded or replace a failing grade.
    5. Credit does not apply toward meeting residency requirements for graduation.
    6. Though available to students pursuing an associate of arts or associate of science degree, such credit is not designed for these University Parallel emphasis, as senior institutions vary widely in their awarding of credit.
  2. Credit by External Examination
    College credit may be awarded to students presenting acceptable scores earned for approved examinations available through the following testing programs:
    1. American College Testing Program (ACT)
    2. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
    3. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    4. Advanced Placement Program (AP)
    5. CPS (Certified Professional Secretary Exam) or CAP (Certified Administrative   Professional Exam) Certificate Credit (for specifically related degrees/certificates).  Credit earned by external examination will be identified on the transcript by the specific examination and a grade of “P” (pass), which will not be calculated in the GPA. Credit by External Examination
  3. Credit for Military Experience/Training
    CSCC awards credit taken on a non-credit basis in the following case:
    1. Documented military training courses as indicated by the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces, American Council on Education.
  4. Credit by Proficiency Examination (Internal Examination)
    A student may obtain credit for certain courses by proficiency examinations. Courses in which credit may be earned through proficiency testing are listed in the catalog; no other proficiency exams are available. The following conditions and restrictions apply:
    1. A student may take the proficiency examination for a course only once.
    2. Proficiency examinations may not be taken to repeat course work or be used in lieu of the “I” or “F” grades.
    3. No more than 12 hours credit may be earned for courses completed through proficiency examination.
    4. The examination must be completed within the academic term but no earlier than the fifth day of a semester and no later than the fourteenth day of a semester.
    5. Proficiency examinations are under the control of the faculty, may be standardized or prepared by college faculty and are administered under the supervision of the appropriate faculty representatives.
    6. The student must achieve a “B” or higher score as specified by the discipline in order to be awarded credit by proficiency exam. The credit is recorded as “A” or “B” at the end of the term.
    7. If the student’s examination does not meet the CSCC standard, no credit will be awarded. The student may either complete the course or officially withdraw within the period specified by the official calendar and course syllabus.
    8. Successful completion of the Proficiency Exam may impact financial aid, as federal financial aid programs do not cover classes taken by proficiency.
  5. Credit for Life Experience
    Enrolled students may request consideration of Credit for Life Experience. Credit is reserved for well-documented existing knowledge and competencies that cannot be readily assessed for credit through external exams, such as AP, CLEP and examinations administered by the college, such as Proficiency Examinations and is awarded only to matriculated students. Credit for Life Experience will be noted on the transcript as Credit for Life Experience and a grade of “P” (pass), which will not be calculated in the GPA.

Source: ClSCC Catalog and TBR Policy 2:02:00:03 and TBR Guideline A-031

Revised: Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee Meetings of 1/13/94 and 11/8/12.  Approved by President’s Cabinet 11/27/12.