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Continuing Education offerings include traditional on-campus classes as well as online courses. Courses are added to the schedule throughout the year. As opportunities to serve the community through non-credit/continuing education arise, on-demand courses will be added to the schedule. It is our goal to serve the needs of the community through meaningful, personal, and professional enrichment courses and  we welcome your suggestions. Please feel free to contact this office:
Gina Akins

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Class Locations/Room Changes

Classes are held on the Cleveland State campus unless otherwise indicated. Occasionally, campus room assignments must be changed to accommodate specific course needs. In cases where room changes have been made, an email will be sent to registrants and a notice will be posted.

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Gina Akins

SPRING 2015 Non-Credit Classes


Sewing for Beginners
In this 4 week hands-on course students will learn basic sewing skills and machine know-how. During the first session, students will learn how to wind a bobbin, thread a machine and gain a basic understanding of how a sewing machine works. The class will focus on easy sewing projects for beginners, including a scarf, pillow, potholder, apron or child’s pillowcase dress. No experience necessary. Plan to bring your own sewing machine, black and white thread, fabric scissors and a sense of humor! Class is limited to 12 participants, so register early. Dates: January 13, 20, 27, Feb. 3. 6:00-8:00pm. Class location: Student center conference room. Fee: $65

T-Shirt Quilt Making
This 4 week session is an incredible way to preserve memories of all the sentimental t-shirts you’ve saved by turning them into a keepsake quilt. This course will cover everything you need to know to create a t-shirt quilt from start to finish. For the 1st session bring at least 6 t-shirts for a lap quilt, iron-on fusible interfacing, scissors, 16 x 16 piece of cardboard.  The next 3 classes also require a portable sewing machine. No experience necessary.  Class is limited to 12 participants, so register early.  Dates: February 17, 24 & March 3, 10.  6:00-8:00 pm. Class location: Student center conference room. Fee: $65.

             Basic Alterations
             In this class you will learn to perform simple alterations on your clothes, such as hemming, taking in or letting out seams, etc. You will use a sewing machine and sew by hand in this course. Basic sewing knowledge is desired. Four week class begins Tuesday, April 7- 28. 6:00-8:00 pm. Class location: student center conference room. Fee: $50. (Materials list provided at registration).

Beginning Portraits in Pencil
Always wanted to learn to draw lifelike pencil portraits? This is the class for you. The class will be working from life and photographs, with emphasis on proportions, perspective, texture, shading and contrast. At the completion of the course the student will have a basic understanding of the tools used to create a realistic portrait. Six week class on Mondays:  January 26 - March 2.  6:00 – 8:00 pm. Class location:  Gym, Room 115. Fee: $65.

Beginning Drawing
If you’d like to learn to draw but don’t even know where to start, we’ve got you covered! This beginner’s class will cover everything you need to know about the basics of drawing.  Techniques learned include using basic shapes and correct proportions, understanding perspective and contrast, and working from reference materials. Also, learn how to hold the pencil correctly, and how to use black-and-white sketches to make your subject identifiable.  We will combine these approaches for a beginner-level drawing. Six week class on Tuesdays: January 27-March 3. 6:00-8:00 pm. Class location: Gym, room 115. Fee: $65.

             Wonderful Watercolor
             This class is an introduction into basic watercolor paintings and sketching. We will explore how to use watercolor in traditional and non-traditional processes to create realistic and whimsical art. We will also learn how to use watercolor in sketchbooks and how to build a daily practice of sketching with watercolor. The class will cover the basic of how watercolor works and how to use it with other mediums (such as water soluble pencils and ink.) At the end of the class students will understand the basics of watercolor painting, supplies and techniques. Six week class on Thursdays: March 5- April 9. 6:00-8:00 pm. Class location: Gym: room 115. Fee: $65.

Beginning Furniture Chalk Painting
You won’t want to miss this fun, unique and informative workshop. You will learn how to transform a small piece of furniture into your very own masterpiece! Participants will learn basic chalk paint application, wax application methods (clear & dark waxes) and furniture distressing techniques. Bring a small piece of furniture (small side table, night stand, large decorative frame, etc.) and wear your paint clothes. Two nights only- February 16 & 17.  6:00-8:00 pm. Class location:  Johnson Building, J 113-114.  Fee: $75 (all supplies included in fee)

              Spring Floral Design
             Get a jump on the upcoming shower and wedding season! Learn how to make your own beautiful displays and arrangements. Add elegance and style to any occasion with your custom creations. Two week class on Thursdays, March 12 & 19.  6:00-8:00 p.m. Class location: Johnson Building, J-113. Fee: $50. (Supply list will be provided at registration.)


             Easy Party Appetizers
             Learn to make easy, delectable appetizers for parties and other occasions – includes some make-ahead delights and last minute concoctions. Space is limited, so register early. One night only. Tuesday, March 3, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Location: Student Center conference room. Fee: $65. (all supplies included in fee)

Cake Decorating
Don’t miss this hands-on cake decorating class.  Learn techniques for making beautiful creations sure to impress family and friends. Bring a cake to class and create your own masterpiece.  A limit of 12 students per class. One night only! Thursday, March 5, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Class location: Student Center conference room. Fee: $45. (supply list will be provided at registration)


Beginning Spanish
Learn to converse in Spanish using basic grammar and conversational phrases. This class is ideal for people who are new to the language and want to learn for business or personal use.   8 week class on Thursdays,  January 15 – March 5. 6:00 -8:00 p.m. Location: Humanities Building, room 125. Fee: $80

              Spanish in the Workplace
              Communicating with patients/clients/customers is too important for language barriers to get in the way. Whether you are learning Spanish for the first time or you are expanding existing knowledge of the language, a “Spanish in the Workplace” course helps you become a better communicator in your industry. It also allows you to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the Spanish culture.
              Being bi-lingual is also a great way to gain competitive advantage in your field. Having the ability to communicate with and relate to Spanish speakers makes you more versatile as an employee. While learning any new language is challenging, this course teaches students the industry-specific vocabulary that they’ll use on a regular basis at work, which helps reinforce knowledge of the language. Dates & times TBA

             Beginning Sign Language
             Have you tried in the past to learn sign language from a book or a class? Do you want to learn the language used by both deaf and hearing people without the voice to communicate? We’re offering a class full of creative instruction methods to teach you to use your hands to communicate when faced with a situation involving the need for sign language. Six week class on Tuesdays,  TBA. 6:00-8:00 pm. Location: Humanities Bldg., room 125.  Fee: $60.


Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement
In this 4-week class you will learn to prepare for a financially successful retirement. The course gives you the essential information and tools you need to handle your day to day finances, potentially reduce your taxes, and manage your investments. During this course you will learn to diversify your investments, control healthcare costs, find out if you are carrying more insurance coverage than you need, potentially reduce your estate taxes, and much more.  Class dates: Tuesdays, January 20- February 10. 6:00pm-9:00pm. Fee: $79. Class location: Library Building, Room 109.


Zumba Fitness
Back to school & back to the exercise routine. Work off those holiday pounds in this fun class, where every session feels like a party! The best part is you don’t even need to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow the instructor’s lead. It’s that easy. You’ll have a blast and get a great workout at the same time! Six week class on Mondays & Wednesdays, January 12- February 18.  5:15 – 6:15 pm. Class location: Gym, Room 118. Fee: $60.

Belly Dancing
Learn basic belly dancing movements, choreographies and improvisational techniques while exercising and gaining exposure to the Middle Eastern dance culture. Improve your grace, agility and confidence. No previous dance experience is needed. Dates & times TBA

             Ballroom Dancing
             This class is designed for the inexperienced dancer looking for a creative outlet and a way to get moving. Students will be learning the basic fundamental elements needed for ballroom dancing, e.g., walking, posture, dance frame, tempo & elemental dance steps.  It's relatively easy to pick up. If you can walk, you can dance.   Leather sole shoes required for men and women. Small heel on women’s shoes preferred. Four week class on Tuesdays & Thursdays, January 20- February 12.  6:30-7:30 pm. Class location: CSCC Gym, room 118.  Fee: $75

Adult Tennis
This class is for those who have not played before or are just getting started. You will learn all the basics of the game including: strokes, rules, scoring, footwork and tennis etiquette. Classes will include ball feeding drills, live-ball hitting with other classmates, and personal stroke instruction. By the end of the class, you will have learned the grips and basic stroke of the forehand, backhand, serve, volley, and overhead shots. You will also be introduced to effective ways to practice as well as fundamental singles and doubles positioning and play. Seven week class on Saturdays beginning March 14. 12:30 -2:00 pm. Class location: tennis courts. Fee: $210


             Understanding Social Media
            Are you hesitant to join the social media craze because you’re a little unsure of how the whole thing works?  If so, this is the class for you. This one night class will cover the basics of social media and will touch Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.  Thursday, February 19, 6:30 – 7:30 pm. Class location: Library Building, Room 109. Fee: $40.

            Beginning Upholstery
            Have a family heirloom chair you want to restore or refurbish? We’re offering a beginning upholstery class that can get you started. This project-oriented course is ideal for anyone who has a chair, with or without arms, they want to recover. You’ll start with the very basics. You will learn how to tear apart, lay out and put an item back together. Students will be able to work at their own pace, and the instructor will offer advice and assistance as they complete their projects. The 4 week class will meet from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, beginning January 21.   A supply list will be provided at registration. Seating is limited and individuals are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible. Class location: Technology Building, room     Fee: $75

Digital Photography
Learn about your camera equipment while experimenting in creative photographic environments. This class will help you learn to get good exposure every time, what all those little symbols on your camera do and when to use them, how to handle everyday photography challenges like shooting indoors and in poorly lit areas. You will learn what you need to know about your own camera and get a chance to shoot a variety of photos in class. Bring your own camera and start taking better photos now! Six week class on Tuesdays, February 10- March 17. 6:30-8:00 pm. Class location:  Library Building, Room 120. Fee: $65.

Beginning Photo Editing with Lightroom & Photoshop
Capturing the image is just the beginning of creating a great photograph. Today’s darkroom is in the computer, and you will learn how to coax the best out of your photos using the most up to date tools: Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This six week class will cover the basics of good photo editing including: getting that high end look with actions and filters, fine tuning your images for maximum impact, skin smoothing, texturizing and overlays, and much more. Students will need a laptop for this class. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Tuesdays,  March 31 – May 5. 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Library Building, Room 109. Fee: $75.


             Blogging for Beginners

             In this fun 4 week course, students will learn the basic of turning thoughts into professional blogs. From a writing standpoint, we will examine creative techniques, including humor, storytelling and incorporating photographs and videos. Each student will create his/her own live blog and learn the basics of growing web traffic through search engine optimization strategy and social media. Students will be required to bring a laptop.  Tuesdays, April 9 – 30, 6:00 -8:00 pm. Class location: Student Center Conference Room. Fee: $45

            Basic Computer Skills
            This class is for the person who knows nothing or very little about computers. The basics of a computer and computer vocabulary will be covered. You will learn to use the mouse, the difference between hardware and software, how to cut and paste, how to set up email, and surfing the internet. Four week class on Tuesdays & Thursdays, February 3 - 26.  6:00 -8:00 pm. Class location: Career Education Bldg., room 307. Fee: $65