Cooperative Education

Cooperative education is a valuable experience, giving you a chance for hands-on training in your career field. Future employers will recognize your participation in a cooperative education experience as on-the-job training and this will give you an edge as you start out in your career after graduation.

Cooperative education, combined with academic studies in your major, will prepare you and give you the skills and knowledge for your future career. Employers seek qualified, well-rounded students and your co-op experience will be a great selling point on your resume and future job interviews.

Earn college credit for work and volunteer experiences!

• Earn college credit while working or volunteering.
• Create an effective resume.
• Learn about proactive interviewing.
• Create a personalized job search strategy.
• Learn how to succeed and advance on the job.
• Gain an edge with valuable hands-on training as you start out in your new career.
• Excellent courses to select for your electives.
• Cooperative education courses are convenient, offered as independent study courses.
• Instructor available for conferences at all CSCC sites (Cleveland, Athens and Madisonville).

Contact Susan Webb-Curtis for more information.

Cleveland Campus: (423) 614-8718 or 1-800-604-2722, Ext. 718

Athens Campus: (423) 745-8486