Intramural Sports

During both Fall and Spring semesters, there are numerous intramural events and tournaments scheduled to provide recreational enjoyment and friendly competition.  There are bulletin boards located in the Gymnasium lobby and near the Student Center conference rooms where information is posted regarding the intramural program.  For additional information, contact Chad Cameron in the Fitness Center (G-109) at (423) 614-8712 or

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Intramural Sports Schedule

How to Enter

Each team captain or intramural representative is responsible for forming and entering his/her respective team. The following procedure should be followed:

  • Entry forms may be picked up in the Fitness Center (G-109) or on the intramural bulletin boards in the Student Center and gymnasium. Return entry forms to the Fitness Center prior to the posted deadline
  • If you’re interested in participating in an activity, but are having trouble finding a team on which to play, notify the Fitness Center. We’ll do our best to find a team for you to join.


The following regulations apply to all persons participating in the intramural program:

  • Participants must be a CSCC student, staff or faculty member and are required to present a valid student ID or driver’s license before participation.
  • Spouses of students, faculty and staff may also participate.
  • Varsity athletes are not eligible to compete in the sport in which they hold varsity status. A person is considered a varsity athlete if he/she has participated or competed with the varsity team during the regular season.


Team Captain Responsibilities

Each team entered in an intramural activity must have a designated team captain who acts as the official liaison between the team and the intramural department. Duties include:

  • Turn in team roster on time.
  • Check the eligibility of each player.
  • Keep the team informed of time and place of activity.
  • Act as spokesperson on and off the playing field.