Intramural Sports

There are several intramural programs and tournaments offered at CSCC during the Fall and Spring semesters. For information on dodge ball, wiffle ball, bowling, golf, pool and ping-pong tournaments, contact the Fitness Center (G-109) at (423) 614-8712.

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Intramural Sports Schedule

How to Enter

Each team captain or intramural representative is responsible for forming and entering his/her respective team. The following procedure should be followed:

  • Entry forms may be picked up in the Student Life Office (U-110D), the Fitness Center (G-109) or on the intramural bulletin boards in the Student Center and gymnasium. Return entry forms to the Student Life Office or Fitness Center prior to the posted deadline.
  • Schedules for all activities are made available approximately one week after sign-up/entry deadlines.
  • If you’re interested in participating in an activity, but are having trouble finding a team on which to play, notify the Student Life Office or the Fitness Center. We’ll do our best to find a team for you to join.



The following regulations apply to all persons participating in the intramural program:

  • Participants must be a CSCC student, staff or faculty member and are required to present a valid student ID or driver’s license before participation.
  • Spouses of students, faculty and staff may also participate.
  • Varsity athletes aren’t eligible to compete in the sport in which they hold varsity status. A person is considered a varsity athlete if he/she has participated or competed with the varsity team during the regular season.


Team Captain Responsibilities

Each team entered in an intramural activity must have a designated team captain who acts as the official liaison between the team and the intramural department. Duties include:

  • Turn in team roster on time.
  • Check the eligibility of each player.
  • Know and understand the rules and regulations governing each sport.
  • Keep the team informed of time and place of activity.
  • Act as spokesperson on and off the playing field.