How do I pay?

Payment for Dual Enrollment Courses
Ready for dual enrollment? We’re excited to have you on board! But there are some things you should know about paying for your dual-enrollment experience.

First off, you are indeed responsible for paying your tuition by the specified deadlines. If you qualify and registered for the Dual Enrollment Grant, Cleveland State Community College will adjust your tuition balance accordingly.

Options for Payment

  • In-Person: Tuition balances can be paid at any of our three campus sites (Cleveland, Athens or Madisonville).
  • Online: Pay with credit card through your CougarNet account.
  • Mail: You may mail your payment to Cleveland State Community College, Business Office, P.O. BOX 3570, Cleveland, TN 37320-3570. Please include your student ID number and make sure it’s in the mail early enough that the Business Office will receive it by the fee deadline.
  • TouchNet Payment Options:

Three-payment option: Student will make a down payment of 50% of tuition and fees plus $25 enrollment fee; Second payment (1/2 of remaining balance - 25%) due on 5th day of following month; third and final    payment (25%) due on the 5th day of month 3.

Four-payment option: Student will make a down payment of 25% of tuition and fees plus $25 enrollment fee upon registration; Second payment (25%) on the 5th day of the following month; Third payment (25%) on the 5th day of month 3; Fourth and final payment made on the 5th day of month 4.

Cleveland State pays the balance of tuition for one course after the Dual Lottery Grant is applied. If you do not qualify for the Dual Lottery Grant, you will be responsible for $300 towards the tuition, Cleveland State will pay the remaining balance.

Public Higher Education Fee Discount for Children of Licensed Public School Teachers and Children of State Employees

If this applies to you, the application needs to be completed and turned in with Dual Enrollment Registration Packet. Download the application.


RODP classes have different fees. For cost information, check with a dual-enrollment representative at CSCC.