Abraham and Nora Kimbrough Lillard Memorial Scholarship
Agape Love Foundation Scholarship Fund
Alex Nichols Memorial
American Uniform Company
Amy Card-Lillios Scholarship Endowment Fund
Andrew J. and Marchie Cloud
Ann Almond Pope Scholarship
Ann Morelock Memorial Scholarship
Ann Vaughn Memorial
Arch Chemical Company Scholarship
Arch Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship
Barry McCaskill Memorial Scholarship
Ben & Peggy Crox, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Ben M. Crox, Sr. & Bessie Bryant Crox,/Fike Funeral Home
Ben S. & Mary W. Moore
Benton Banking Company
Betsy Vines Memorial
Betty Bull Memorial
Bishop Baking Company
Bowater Inc. Scholarship
Bowater/Central Labor Unions
Bradley Co. Bar Association
Bradley County Medical Society
Branch Banking & Trust Company Scholarship
Brown Stove Works, Inc.
Brown Stove Works, Inc. Free Enterprise
Bruce Markstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bryant and Madge Dupree Memorial Scholarship
Buddy & Opal Neely Memorial Scholarship
Buford M. Guy, Jr. Memorial
Burch Glenn Biggs Memorial Scholarship
Carl & Irene Murray
Carl Cooke Family
Charles H. Sprankle Memorial
Charles L. Almond Scholarship
Cities Service Scholarship
Citizens Scholarship
Claxton Goodner Memorial
Cleveland Civitan Club
Cleveland Daily Banner
Cleveland Kiwanis Club
Col. & Mrs. C. F. Kelly
Col. & Mrs. James F. Corn, Sr.
Col. James M. Stubbs, Sr.
Cooke's Food Store Scholarship
Courtney F. McGrady Memorial
D. F. Adkisson Scholarship
Darlene Longley Memorial
David D. Adkisson Scholarship
Debra Miller Project Y.O.U.
Don M. Geren Business Incubator
Doris E. Barkley Scholarship
Dr. Cecil H. & Annette Stanbery
Dr. George L. Mathis
Dr. Irene Pace Millsaps Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John Cook Memorial
Dr. Joseph and Evelyn  McCoin Memorial
Duracell USA Scholarships
Easy Auto Scholarship #1
Easy Auto Scholarship #2
Edward G. Sharpe Memorial
Elizabeth Brown Milne Memorial
Elizabeth Simpson
Eric B. Johnson Memorial
Eugene Callaway Family
Faculty Professional Development
First Bank of Polk Co.
First Tennessee Bank
Fred & Nancy Miller Scholarship
Fred E. & Phyllis B. Zeller
General Endowment Fund
Gray Epperson Scholarship
Grover C. Brown
Hank Smith Scholarship
Hardwick Stove Co.
Harry L. Dethero, & Ruth Rymer Mayor
Harry Trewhitt and Children
Headrick Family Scholarship Fund
Henry M. Barkley Memorial
Howard H. Kuhns
Hugh W. Walker Family Scholarship
Inez Clemmer
Insurance Incorporated
Irene Guinn Mathis
J. Hallman Bell Memorial
J. Robert Savage Memorial
James D. & Ruth M. Hynes
James Inman Evans, Jr. Memorial
James J. & Margaret H. Everhart
James M. Stubbs, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Jan McCallum Darden BSN, RN
Jeff and Melanie Rogers
Joe Little
John and Elizabeth Meiler & Bradley Healthcare Foundation Scholarship
John E. Mayfield Scholarship
John H. Bivens Memorial Nursing
John L. Brewer Sr., M/M
John Milne, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Johnson
Kay & Parks Fillauer
Kenneth H. Brown
Kimbrough Family
L. Quentin Lane
Leonard C. Fletcher Memorial
Lillard Family
Lisa Vandergriff Rose Memorial
Lois Howe Memorial
Loyd Haile, Sr. Mem -Geriatric Nursing
M/M S. B. Rymer, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
M&M Mars Inc.
Magic Chef Foundation
Manufacturer's Chemical, LP
Marie Engers Callaway
Marilyn Fillers Endowment Scholarship
Mark Dausy Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Mem.
Mary T. Barker
Matsushita Refrigeration Company
Mayfield Dairy Farms, Inc.
Mayfield Family Scholarship
Maytag-Cleveland Cooking Products
McKenzie Family Scholarship
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Meredith Lane Carrick Family Scholarship
Miriam Ash Brown Memorial Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Arch Fitzgerald Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Almond Scholarship
Mrs. David H. Neil
Mrs. Frances Taylor
Nancy K. Brown Memorial
Nell Higgins Memorial
Nora Kimbrough Lillard Library Trust
Norma Davis Service
Odessa Adkisson Scholarship
Olin Corporation Scholarship
Pace Family Memorial
Patrick Hanks Athletic Scholarship
Paul & Lela Wagner Family
Paul B. Taylor, Sr. Memorial
Pearson B. Mayfield, Jr.
Pilot Club of Cleveland
Pioneer Credit Company Scholarship
Pledger & Jackie Wattenbarger
Professor Sue Haynes Martel
Ralph Buckner, Sr. Memorial Fund
Reba Queen Absher Scholarship
Reeves Brown III Memorial
Reeves Brown IV Memorial
Reeves Brown, M/M
Regions Bank / AmSouth Bank
River Counties Association of Realtors Scholarship
Robinson Supply Co. / Walter Robinson Family
Rosa Lee Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rotary Club of Cleveland
S. K. Johnston, Sr. Memorial Coca Cola
Sam & Anne McReynolds
Sam Fair / Sertoma Scholarship
Scholarship Endowment Fund
Scott Ratterman Memorial
SGA CSCC Student Gov. Assoc
Specialty Chemical Co.
Stamper's Scholarship
SunTrust/American National Bank & Trust
Todd Brooks Memorial
W. J. McReynolds
Walter & Shelia Presswood
Walter G. Bettis Memorial
Wayne L. McCulley
Westvaco Company Scholarship
William E. "Bill" Torrence Scholarship
Wilson A. Ledford Family
Wilson Ledford Scholarship
Woman's Club of Cleveland
Wright Brothers Construction