Cleveland State's 2017 Celebrity Roast

If anyone deserves to be roasted, it’s Steve Hartline. If you listen to the popular radio personality on Mix 104.1, you know he spends a lot of time dishing it out! Now’s the chance to see if he can take it when we throw it right back at him! It will be an entertaining evening full of laughs as very special guests join together to finally get in the last word. Or will they?

The laughs are Free! Ticket prices are $75.00 per person and $800 for a table with sponsorship recognition.

Tickets to the Event

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For more information, please contact the Cleveland State Foundation:

All proceeds will go to support the Cleveland State Foundation.
Please make checks payable to:
Cleveland State Foundation
PO Box 3570 Cleveland, TN 37320.
Include “ROAST” on the memo line.