Brock Has Smooth Transition Transferring from CSCC to TTU

Posted on June 10, 2014

CLEVELAND, Tenn. – Transferring to a four-year school after CSCC makes for a smooth transition—just ask college senior Tyler Brock.
  Brock was a 2010 graduate of Bradley Central High School and attended Cleveland State Community College in the fall of 2010 until he graduated in the spring of 2012 and transferred to Tennessee Tech University that fall.
  “I chose CSCC for both academic and financial reasons,” stated Brock. I received both the Hope Scholarship and academic work study. Both of my scholarships transferred to TTU. Small classes and the fact that I knew a lot of people from high school made CSCC enjoyable, as well as the affordable cafeteria food and the numerous hours procrastinating playing ping pong! Another advantage of CSCC is that professors offer a lot of help due to their small classes.”
  Brock continued, “CSCC is a wise decision after high school because once you get into college, you realize that you have a lot of freedom, and CSCC helps you manage your time better than attending a university which might prove to be too much freedom, thus affecting your G.P.A. and scholarships negatively.”
  While at CSCC, Brock had not decided on a major, so he chose to get his associate degree in General Transfer. He later decided on English with a concentration in Literature from TTU. “With my degree, I plan on teaching English-related courses at the high school level and maybe even at the community college level. My academic work study scholarship has opened the door to many opportunities because this summer I will be working alongside teachers.”
  Brock credits his decision to pursue education to his former teacher, Mr. Blackmon at Bradley Central. “Working under Mr. Blackmon as a teacher’s assistant and as an assistant coach at Bradley, taught me a lot about being an educator, specifically teaching English.”
  Brock said there are similarities between CSCC and TTU that he did not realize until he arrived in Cookeville. “CSCC and TTU both have very small classes, which is important for your education because your professors can concentrate on you individually. Plus, they will remember you, which is important when you want a letter of recommendation. When you transfer and start taking upper level classes, you realize that your classmates enjoy the subject matter just as much as you do, which provides a common bond. I like the fact that TTU is in Cookeville considering how similar Cookeville is to Cleveland, except for the fact that Krystal in Cookeville is not open 24/7!”
  Brock said he chose TTU because it was the most practical decision since it was another state school, like CSCC, so it would be more affordable. “I really did not have any problems transferring. Overall, it was a very smooth process.”
  He said he had to grow up pretty fast after transferring to TTU because his parents weren’t there. During that time, he learned a lot about himself. “The most important thing that I have learned from transferring from CSCC to TTU is to not be judgmental toward people. This seems like an easy and simple task, but spending my whole life in Cleveland allowed me to stay in my comfort zone. I came to TTU not knowing anyone, which forced me to make new friends and honestly, now, I have friends that I probably would not have had in Cleveland. So, my advice for anyone who is in school or anyone in general, is to spend more time accepting others, rather than judging them.”
  He praises his parents for always standing by him. “I would like to thank my family for supporting me with my education, specifically my mom and dad. I am very fortunate to have patient parents who have given me every opportunity to succeed in life.”
  Brock will graduate this summer and plans to continue at TTU to pursue his master’s degree in education in the fall.