CSCC’s OneSource Training Leads to Employment with Cormetech for Spak

Posted on April 30, 2014

CLEVELAND, Tenn. – When Justin Spak applied online for a position with Cormetech, he had no idea what Cleveland State’s OneSource Workforce Development Center even was, or how much it would benefit him in the long run.
  The OneSource Workforce Development Center prepares individuals for the higher-level skills and education requirements employers now demand. OneSource partnered with Cormetech to assess and train applicants for various positions that needed to be filled. Through OneSource, Spak initially took the Workkey’s National Career Readiness Test, a test created by the makers of the ACT.
  Taking and passing the three Workkeys tests (Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Mathematics) earns the test-taker the “National Career Readiness Certificate” from Workkeys. Candidates who take the Workkeys test set themselves apart from candidates who have not, by proving that they have the necessary skills and knowledge employers are searching for.
  Based on his performance and Workkeys scores, Spak was invited to join OneSource’s fast-paced week-long Industrial Readiness Training, with approximately 25 others. During the training, Spak learned about topics such as Basic Machines and Alignment, Types and Uses of Cams, Timing Adjustments, Machine Troubleshooting, Problem Solving and Problem Identification Techniques.
  “It was a lot of material, but I knew it was a great opportunity,” stated Spak. “And not only that, but the Workkeys test could help me at other jobs in the future, not just my current job. I found the mechanical assessments and hands-on training really interesting because I have always had an interest in mechanical engineering, but I had never taken classes in it, so this class was extremely helpful. It gave me added knowledge on things that I actually enjoy doing, which was actually fun.”
  Spak was assessed on the Standard Timing Model (STM), a mechanical skills assessment machine. It is one of five types of assessment machines CSCC purchased from Scientific Management Techniques. This process identifies and measures pre-existing skill sets/skill levels and is also used to identify mechanical aptitude. The particular assessment used is a function of the position being staffed. The STM delivers a Maintenance Level Assessment used when hiring industrial maintenance and professionals and an Operator Level Assessment for hiring experienced operators and identifying aptitude in entry level candidates.
  The STM identifies and measures a broad range of mechanical skills. Collectively, the skills identified represent Mechanical Troubleshooting Ability; the ability to analyze and define causes of malfunctions in machinery and solve them quickly and correctly.
  Upon passing these assessments, Spak was offered and accepted the Operations Associate position with Cormetech. “I love my job. I like the benefits. I have great benefits—medical and dental. They really treat you well at Cormetech.”
  The 2013 Walker Valley graduate said he has also started to think about going back to school. “Cormetech has this program. If you want to stay on with them, you can sign this agreement saying you will stay for two more years, and they will pay for your school. I would like to go into mechanical engineering and advance in the company. I think I will do that because I plan on being with Cormetech for a while.”
  Not only does Spak think the OneSource training helped him with his position at Cormetech, but also his interview. “On the first day, they did interview training. That was one thing I was just okay with—I really needed to improve on. I learned a lot of things you should not do on interviews that I had done in previous ones, so I was really glad they offered that at the training. They went over common interview questions that you might be asked. I kept that and studied before my Cormetech interview, which was definitely helpful.”
  The first day of OneSource training also included learning about soft skills that employers were interested in, such as emotional intelligence, teamwork and tolerance.”
  Bre LaMountain, Coordinator of Workforce Development, stated, “Once the training was completed, Justin was post-tested using a different test on the Standard Timing Machine, and his classroom homework was graded. Data from the efforts of each applicant was collected and analyzed by OneSource professionals. Applicants were given many areas and opportunities in which to show their strengths throughout the three week process, and Justin is a success story from that process.”
  Denise Rice, Plant Manager, Cormetech INC, said, “CSCC provided us 13 candidates that completed the Industrial Readiness training with acceptable results. Our interview and selection team focused on those 13, and we interviewed and made offers to nine of the 13. This is a huge improvement in selection over what we have seen in the past. The candidates were well prepared for a job in manufacturing, and we saw great improvements from our selection team.”
  Spak said, “I would definitely recommend this program to others; you learn a lot. The OneSource staff are very helpful. The instructor (Allan Gentry) was very knowledgeable and not intimidating at all. I was able to ask questions and felt like he could help me no matter what I asked. I felt very prepared for both my interview and my job. I got a great job out of this, and I feel very blessed and happy to have my job.”

Justin Spak