Institutional Review Board


The Cleveland State Institutional Review Board, or IRB, oversees research activities at the college to ensure the protection of individuals regarding the collection of personally identifiable information. The IRB is authorized to grant approval or denial of any research activities, either internal or external. Additionally, the proposed research must align with the mission and best interests of the college, not harming its students, employees, or programs.

Who Needs IRB Approval

Any individual or group that is collecting information regarding CSCC students, faculty or staff needs the approval of the Institutional Review Board. This includes both qualitative research, such as surveys and interviews, and quantitative research, such as student or programmatic data. If an individual or group has questions about whether to seek IRB approval, email John Squires, CSCC Vice President of Economic & Community Development, at

The IRB Approval Process

Completed applications and related materials should be submitted by email to John Squires, CSCC Vice President of Economic & Community Development at The applications will be reviewed by the CSCC IRB in a timely manner. Applications may be approved, returned for modifications, or denied. Applications returned for modifications can be resubmitted for consideration. If the research involves surveys or interviews, the questions and consent forms must be submitted for review with the application packet.

The Institutional Review Board has the authority to deny research activities which are deemed potentially harmful to the institution, its students, employees, or programs. The collection and distribution of personally identifiable information is strictly prohibited and cause for denial.


Please contact the CSCC IRB in advance of performing any research activity. Applications are processed in a timely manner, and most applicants receive approval within 1 – 2 weeks.

IRB Forms and Policies

CSCC IRB Application Form

CSCC IRB Policies and Procedures


Contact John Squires at: