Advanced Technologies Institute

What Is the Advanced Technologies Institute?

The ATI is a new opportunity designed for students majoring in Advanced Technology programs. SELECT students will work in a classroom setting while supplementing that learning with real-world training, all while getting PAID.

Local companies have partnered with Cleveland State to offer an earn while you learn experience for SELECT Advanced Technology students. These students will be attending classes 2 days/week, and working in a real-world setting the other 3 days/week. Students will also have the opportunity to gain numerous extra soft skills and leadership opportunities throughout their time in the Advanced Technologies Institute.

Students will start at a minimum rate of $13.80 per hour after fulfilling all admissions and company requirements. This institute will allow students to earn wages while in college, and also prepare them for careers in advanced technology areas. Students will be prepared to work in many various fields such as automotive, food processing, welding, heating and air, power production, refrigeration, electronics manufacturing,surveying, robotics, and many more.

Why apply to the Advanced Technologies Institute?

Positions in the advanced technology fields can command much higher salaries than typical entry-level positions. With the median household income in Tennessee being only $41,000, this unique opportunity will allow graduating students to graduate with little-to-no debt and bring in salaries that, while may start at averages of $37-45,000, could rapidly increase to $50,000 or more per year. This institute will allow students to enter the job market with much less educational debt, more real-world experience and a strong advantage over graduates from other programs in getting the job they really want.

Student Testimonials

“As soon as you learn something new in class you get to see its application in the workplace, which helps you understand it better and allows you to get to ask and learn from mechanics that have years of experience and knowledge.”

Dylan Griswold

“I would tell someone to apply for the ATI because it is a great program and a way to get hands on experience that goes along with what you are learning in school as well and you get paid for it.”

Samuel Ohlsson

“I love how everything is perfectly planned out for the students that are selected for the program. They truly put everything in the program for it to be the best in the area.”

Edi Abdulahu

“I get the benefit of being in a program that puts me 2 years ahead of a regular mechatronics graduate.”

Mason Cochran

“The ATI program has shown me that what I’m learning in class will be used in my career, and has reinforced my understanding of different concepts.”

Makaylah Shoemate

“I would tell someone to apply if they want hands-on training and experience as well as the chance to build leadership skills that will be useful in the long term.”

Caleb Smith

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