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Honors College Mission Statement

The Honors College at Cleveland State challenges dedicated students who have a desire to explore their general education subject matter in greater depth, develop strong leadership skills, and engage in service to the campus and surrounding community. In doing so, this curriculum aims to facilitate the highest possible levels of academic success and completion of their desired program of study.

Goals of the Honors College

Students involved in the Honors College will engage in courses designed around five central goals:

  • Academic Excellence
  • In-Depth Subject Exploration
  • Public Presentation Experience
  • Leadership Skills and Techniques
  • Service to the Campus and/or Community

Membership in the Honors College is far more than a mere academic accolade. This community of academically curious and motivated students work hard to solidify a strong foundation on which to build a career. The benefits of this curriculum follow our students far beyond their time at Cleveland State.

Honors courses will challenge academically motivated students, allowing them to explore opportunities for professional growth and development. Our courses offer opportunities for independent research, original work, and in-depth study of interdisciplinary issues. Focusing on the five program goals listed above enables our students to demonstrate their ability to succeed in challenging work, which in turn documents their potential for future success. Engagement in this curriculum enhances future scholarship and transfer opportunities and provides special recognition at graduation.

Director of the Honors College

Sara Amato
Office: H222 | Phone:423-473-2304
Email: samato@clevelandstatecc.edu

Coordinator of the Honors College at MHEC

Melodee Alexander
Office: Humanities 105 | Phone: 423-473-2309
Email: malexander04@clevelandstatecc.edu 

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