Cleveland State is committed to offering a quality cooperative education experience. Numerous students participate fall and spring semesters in independent study co-op courses. (internship/job-shadowing/work-based learning opportunities)

Cooperative education courses are offered in an independent study format so they are convenient courses for students who already have a lot of other obligations (work, family, and college). They are an excellent option for students seeking an elective and provide opportunities for real-world work experience.

Students attend an Orientation at the beginning of the semester to meet their instructor and receive information about the course syllabus, requirements, class materials and resources.

CPED 1011—Job Search Skills (1 credit hour)

Receive assistance in making the most of a job application opportunity, developing an effective resume portfolio, learning career-readiness skills, and designing an individual job search strategy.

CPED 1012—Soft Skills in the Workplace (1 credit hour)

Developing professional skills including communication, time management, problem solving, teamwork and customer service skills.

CPED 1100—Career Exploration (1 credit hours)

Developing the importance of initiative, attitude, and work ethics in the workplace.  Components of the course include a minimum of 20 hours of supervised employment shadowing and independent study bookwork. 

CPED 1010 & 1020—Cooperative Education I & II (3 credit hours each)

Students work or volunteer in cooperative education placements related to their college major. Students develop learning objectives with their employers and work 150 hours for the semester. Students who need assistance in locating a co-op placement need to schedule an appointment with the cooperative education director in advance of class beginning.

CPED 2100 Co-op/Internship Experience (2 credit hours)

Similar to CPED 1010, this course focuses on professional development through on-the-job experience in the student’s major area of study but is designed for the student who wants a shorter-term placement.  CPED 2100 requires 100 hours of supervised employment or volunteer experience.


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