Portfolio Assessment

Procedures for Awarding Credit Based on Portfolio Assessment

Guidance Letter A-045

Portfolio assessment is an opportunity to earn college credit based on documentation of certificates of training, work samples, awards and honors, job descriptions, performance evaluations, military experience, letters of recommendation, resumes and evidence of self-directed learning. A portfolio is prepared by the student to demonstrate and validate credit for learning acquired outside the classroom but must be relevant to the student’s Program of Study.

A good candidate for Portfolio Assessment:

  • Has gained significant learning through work experience and training
  • Understands the time commitment in building a portfolio
  • Has talked with an advisor
  • Exhibits strong writing skills
  • Understands the importance of obtaining specific documentation for review

To be considered for Portfolio Review:

1. Student requests meeting with division dean or department chair to discuss suitability of student’s experience for portfolio submission. The division dean or department chair will inform the student of the requirements for the portfolio process and direct the student to:

          1. Enroll in an online, self-paced portfolio workshop.

          2. Work with a faculty member directly to determine proper documentation for portfolio submission.

2. If student’s experience is deemed to be potentially eligible for credit, the student will go to CougarNet and complete the Portfolio Review Application.

3. The student will go to Business Office and pay $125 portfolio assessment fee or provide proof of military/veteran status (DD-214, military ID card, Veterans Affairs ID card, or other acceptable documentation) to business office for approval of Prior Learning Assessment fee waiver. This waiver is only available to military members and veterans of the armed services.

4. The student will contact Prior Learning Assessment Specialist to enroll in the online, self-paced portfolio workshop and complete all basic required elements for portfolio submission.

5. Upon completion of portfolio workshop, the student may submit the portfolio for assessment.

6. If credit is not approved after initial assessment, the student is able to amend the portfolio after a feedback session with faculty on outcomes not adequately demonstrated. One reevaluation of the portfolio may be conducted after feedback session is complete.

7.Approved credit is applied to the transcript with the grade of “TP” within seven business days of final assessment decision.

8. Student may appeal final decision of portfolio review according to final portfolio appeal process.