Ways to Attend

Two Day Schedules

Want to earn a degree, but limited on time, Cleveland State offers academic programs that the degree can be earned by attending classes only two days a week. Meet with a member of the academic department or an enrollment services team member to learn more about the two day schedules!

Degree Programs That Can be Earned by Taking Classes Two Days a Week:


If the night time is the right time for you take class, you are in luck if one of the degree programs on this list is the major that you want to pursue. Evening classes are perfect for those who work during the day or those who have other commitments that require them to take evening classes. The college has limited availability of other campus resources during the evening hours, so if you are taking evening courses, please make sure that you make note of when offices have extended hours so that you can handle the out of class items that you need to handle.

Degree Programs That Can be Earned by Taking Evening Classes:

Weekend (Friday and/or Saturday classes only)

Learning is a fun and great way to spend your weekend, particularly when it leads to life changing rewards such as earning a degree that can lead to a promotion or your dream career! The best thing is that your entire weekend will not be consumed by class time, so you can still find time to get out and enjoy the fun things in life after class ends! What are you waiting for – take advantage of your weekend hours to do something that will give you new life opportunities!

Degree Programs That Can be Earned by Taking Weekend Classes:


Are you in need of a fast track to a degree? If so, Cleveland State’s accelerated programs might right for you. These programs move at a quicker pace, which shortens the time to degree. Students who are successful in these accelerated programs are those who are organized and able to remain focused in classes that run an extended time.

Accelerated programs include:

Athens Center

Is the drive to Cleveland something that you are not able do, would the ability to earn your degree by taking all of your classes at the Athens Center be desirable for you? If so, we hope the degree program you need is one of the ones that can be earned by taking classes at the Athens Center.

Degree Programs That Can be Earned by Taking Classes at the Athens Center:

Monroe County Center

If you are one who lives in the most northern part of Cleveland State’s service area, the Monroe County Center and its offerings might be the best option for you.

Online (Additional fees may apply)

Do you want to be able to earn your degree from the comfort of your own home? If so, then one of the many degrees that can be earned online might be right for you. Cleveland State has a number of degrees that students can earn online.

It is important for those considering online classes to keep in mind that online classes require a higher degree of responsibility and maturity of the students, as you have to be committed to logging in to engage in the class and to complete your assignments. Online scholars should also have a strong knowledge of uploading files and documents, using online discussion boards, taking tests and quizzes online, and setting up online tools to aid them in being a successful student.

Some courses from the E-Campus listing might be required in order for a student to earn certain degrees solely online. The E-Campus course fees are higher than the online courses offered through Cleveland State.