CSCC Helps Barroso Land Dream Job

Carlos Barroso

CSCC Helps Barroso Land Dream Job

Holly Vincent
Friday, July 29, 2016 8:56 AM
Students, All

CLEVELAND, Tenn. – How bad do you want it? This is a question that CSCC student Carlos Barroso was once asked by Evangelist T.D. Jakes at a men’s conference shortly before enrolling at CSCC and now, it’s the motto Barroso lives by. At the time, he was unsure what the question meant, but after a little soul searching, he understood exactly what he needed to do in order to achieve his goals.
Barroso’s entire family has gone to Cleveland State—both his brother and sister had attended in the past, while his wife, Diana, is a current student. His sister, Ruth, was the one who helped make up his mind to attend.
“My sister had a wonderful experience at CSCC,” stated Barroso. “When she was here, her husband was relocated to California, and CSCC offered an online program where she could continue and finish her courses online, which is what she did. She came back to graduate from CSCC. She explained the details and described how flexible the programs were and how helpful the professors were, so I decided to give it a shot.”
During his time at CSCC, Barroso enrolled in a cooperative education class with Susan Webb-Curtis, Dean of Business and Technology. At the time, she was the Director of the Cooperative Education and Service Learning programs. The co-op class assists students in making the most of job application opportunities, developing an effective resume portfolio and learning proactive interviewing skills. Barroso credits this course and Webb-Curtis for helping him land his current job as a Break Relief Operator at M&M Mars.
“I thought my resume was great, but after Mrs. Curtis reviewed it, I found out that I had some punctuation issues and grammatical errors, and even the layout was wrong! She really went out of her way to explain how critical a good resume is to land a better job. She helped to refine my resume. She told me how she thought it should look—not just her opinion, but what the market looked for. That resume was my entry point into M&M Mars, so I’m very appreciative to her for that. That resume is the only thing that helped me get that job.”
“Carlos is an excellent example of how a positive, enthusiastic attitude can take you places,” stated Susan Webb-Curtis, Dean of Business and Technology. “He took full advantage of his business and cooperative education courses to increase his expertise. He used these learning experiences and his exceptional work ethic to move into a great career position.”
Webb-Curtis continued, “This is exactly the type of individual that any company would be excited to hire. Students like Carlos are one of the best things about working for a community college and have been what has helped Cleveland State build a strong reputation over the years.”
In addition to Webb-Curtis, Barroso credits other professors for his success, as well. “Jayne Hasting, David Guardiani, Jennifer Minutolo, Kara Headrick and Donna Brogdon were all fabulous professors, too. They were absolutely phenomenal, very accommodating and always willing to explain things over and over again, if that is what it takes. To me, that is what CSCC is about. The professors are the core of CSCC. They are always willing to go the extra mile. That’s what keeps me here.”
Barroso is a double major at CSCC, pursuing Associate degrees in both Electro Mechanical Maintenance as well as Business through the Advance program for working adults. The Advance program is an accelerated, block scheduling format that offers working adults a convenient way to obtain a college degree taking classes with the same core group of students. According to Barroso, his favorite thing about the Advance program is the comradery both with the professors and the students.
“Sometimes in life, you will have people that can break you or beat you down, and that makes you lose your sense of confidence that you need to push yourself. At CSCC, you are going to find help with professors that build you up, and you are going to meet other students that are in the same boat as you. You grab one paddle, they grab the other, and you go up river together. That’s what I like about CSCC.”
Now, Barroso is in the place where he is able to give advice to other coworkers who want to excel in their positions and change their lives. “I tell them CSCC changed my life. I used to sweep floors. I used to mop. I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence. The grass did look greener when I was there, but I had to educate myself, and CSCC was a pivotal point to help me get there. It all just depends on one thing, and I ask them, ‘How bad do you want it?”’

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