Yoder Fulfills Her Dream at CSCC

Taylor Yoder

Yoder Fulfills Her Dream at CSCC

Holly Vincent
Sunday, December 23, 2018 12:00 AM
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CLEVELAND, Tenn. – Taylor Yoder didn’t always want to be a nurse as a child. In fact, she dreamed of being a marine biologist one day, but once she hit middle school, this dream quickly changed to nursing. Yoder, a recent graduate of Cleveland State Community College, will soon get to live that dream thanks to CSCC’s Nursing program.

According to Yoder, the Nursing program at CSCC was anything but a cake walk. It took her away from her family and friends, more than she ever thought it would.

“The nursing program is very difficult,” stated Yoder. “But in the end once you reach your goal of graduating, you can truly see how worth it nursing actually is.”

Yoder credits her instructors for helping her through the difficult process. “My instructors were all amazing. Each one brings something totally different to the table. They come to work every day willing to mold each of us into safe practitioners. Dotty Monroe is one of the best instructors I had in the nursing program. She is always ready to listen to your problems, help you do better on tests and to help you become a better nurse. She is smart and kind and has an open-door policy at all times.”

While enrolled in the nursing program, she spent so much time working and learning with her fellow nursing students that they became her closest friends. They all helped each other study so that everyone would be able to cross the finish line at the end of the program.

Also during this time, Yoder served as the President of the Student Nurses Association where she was able to strengthen practical skills in leadership and organizational skills among her peers.

“My experience in the nursing program was tough. Nursing is tough in general, but CSCC holds you to a higher standard than most associate degree nursing programs do. I feel like being held to this higher standard will help me in my career and in continuing my education.”

Yoder continued, “I would definitely recommend this program to others, but you just need to be sure that your heart and soul are in it. Do not choose nursing because of money or job security—choose it because you love it and be willing to work very hard to make your dream come true!”

Yoder is currently serving as a Pediatric Nurse Resident at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. (This title will change to Pediatric Registered Nurse once the residency is completed.) She plans to start her bachelor’s degree in nursing in January, but she doesn’t plan to stop there. Eventually, she wants to continue her education to become a nurse practitioner.

Yoder is a 2014 graduate of Cleveland High School and the daughter of Billy Yoder and Candi Cook-Gentry, both of Cleveland.

Photo Cutline: Pictured: Yoder and Dotty Monroe, Associate Professor of Nursing.


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