Workforce Training

WorkForce Development at Cleveland State Community College provides the very best in training for our local employers. We provide a comprehensive array of training programs designed to keep work skills in pace with the needs of rapidly changing technology.  Our staff will accurately assess and identify specific training needs within your organization to align training with organizational strategy. All participants will receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which may be eligible for college credit if enrolling in classes at Cleveland State.

Industrial Technologies


We offer training classes related to Stick, MIG, TIG, and Plasma cutting processes. Our customizable training modules can be changed to suit any need in the industry. We have a fully functioning weld shop environment that is suited also as a classroom.


Classes range from beginner to advanced on wide range of topics including: Mechanical Drives, Hydraulics & Pneumanics, Motor Controls, & High Voltage. Troubleshooting tactics and methodologies are interwoven into all aspects of the classes and programs.


Our facitlities include trainers that allow students to learn and troubleshoot Allen Bradley 500, 5000 & Seimens S7 setup and programming. We are constantly updating our equipment to keep up with the industries that we serve.

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Operational Excellence


We offer a variety of leadership sessions for Executives, Senior Managers, Plant managers and Front-line supervisors. Topics include: building trust, respect & credibility, goal setting & execution, change management, emotional intelligence, team building, Some of the tools used are Toyota Kata Managing for Continuous Improvement, The 4 Disciplines of Executions, SWOT and Employee Climate Surveys.


Our Human Resources training seminars provide a review of innovative skills, behaviors and strategies for recruiting employees, reducing employee turnover, promoting employee development and retaining a talented, flexible and diverse workforce.  Topics can include:The Importance of an accurate job analysis, creating a better interview, legal Issues in HR, powerful performance evaluations, succession planning, employee coaching, selection and hiring strategies, diversity and inclusion.


Focus on the Value Added Processes and eliminating waste improving cycle time. Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Visual Management (Kanban), Level Loading, Kaikaku Events, Standardized Work and Set-up Reduction.
Maximize labor efficiency and asset utilization while minimizing work in process.


Effective use and application of process discipline and control will lead an organization from high cost and poor quality to consistency, then statistical control and finally continuous improvement. Tools and applications used in this dimension are Standardized Work, Standard Operating Setpoints, Change Control, ISO, 6-Sigma (SPC), 8-D approach, DMAIC, PFMEA and Experimental strategies.


Have you achieved zero accidents and sustainable energy and environmental efficiency? Tools and programs available are Incident/Injury prevention, Behavior Based Safety, Safety Training and Successful Safety
Committees. Industrial Health programs (chemical exposure, noise, etc) and Energy and Environmental programs.

Computer & Business Administration


We offer several computer training classes to enhance employee productivity and proficiency using computer applications. Microsoft suite and specifically EXCEL of all levels are offered.


As the workforce becomes more diverse, communicating in the workplace with co-workers, clients and vendors is essential. Having the ability to communicate with and relate to Spanish speakers makes you more versatile as an employee or manager. This course will provide employees with the basic tools needed to successfully navigate through language barriers in the workplace. This is a fully customizable class, tailored to your specific industry and clientele. Call (423) 614-8793 or email for more information.


This course defines quality customer service and explains how that is achieved through effective communication skills. Participants will gain understanding of what customer service means in relation to all customers, techniques necessary for creating and maintaining customer-focused companies, be able to identify and understand customer needs, provide outstanding customer service in person and over the phone, deal with difficult customers, and provide solutions for customer needs and problems. This class is customizable to the industry or business.


Director of Workforce Development
Heather Brown

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