Testing Services

◆  Cleveland Testing Center, phone 423-473-2477 
Located in the George Mathis Student Center, Room 116
* Coordinator of Testing Services: Elizabeth Lambdin - elambdin@clevelandstatecc.edu

       Hours of Operation – Spring 2023 (Cleveland campus)

  • Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Fridays:  8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m. [Remote office hours] 

* Please reach out to one of our testing center locations to  make alternative testing arrangements if experiencing an issue securing an appointment or finding an appointment time that is convenient for you.

 Athens Testing Center, phone 423-473-2462
Located in the McMinn County Higher Education Center
* Athens Center Test Administrator: Angie St. John - astjohn@clevelandstatecc.edu

       Hours of Operation – Spring 2023  (Athens campus)

  • Mondays:   12 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Tuesdays:  12 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Wednesdays:  9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Thursdays:  9 am - 6 pm

Testing is administered in collaboration with faculty for the following course options: CSCC online, TN eCampus, independent study, make-up exams, correspondence exams, and ADA accommodation testing. In addition, CSCC Testing Services also administers and proctors Accuplacer Placement Exams (for incoming students), Graduation Exit Exams (for our graduands), TEAS Nursing Entrance Exams, CLEP tests (prior learning assessments for attaining course credit), and Pearson VUE (offering professional certification/licensure exams). Both on-site and online exam delivery options are available. 

Currently, students may only take a CSCC course exam on-site if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Poor internet service or those experiencing technical difficulties or other challenges 
  • A make-up exam with permission from the instructor
  • Approved accommodations for Disability Services

* Instructors who have a student needing to test in the Testing Center must submit a Test Administration form (link available under Faculty Resources in CougarNet’s Teach/Advise section) to testing@clevelandstatecc.edu.

If a disability permits special accommodation services for testing, the required documentation must be submitted to the CSCC Disability Support Services Coordinator (Juliann Mathis, phone - 423-473-2427). Instructors may allow reasonable accommodations and provide instructions to the Testing Center staff permitting the administration of exams with approved accommodations for testing. 

Students must schedule exams 24 hours in advance (Cleveland campus) and 12 hours in advance (Athens Center). You may schedule your exam by visiting: https://mycs.cc/testing. Please review the guidelines listed below. 

Student Guidelines

  • To schedule your test and view seat availability please visit: http://mycs.cc/testing
    ALL tests must be scheduled 24 hours in advance for Cleveland and 12 hours in advance for Athens. Contact your instructor for course exam delivery options. If you are interested in taking the Accuplacer or Graduation Ext exam online please contact the Coordinator of Testing Services (elambdin@clevelandstatecc.edu).
  • A photo ID is required for testing.
  • Cell phones, smart watches, books, notes, or other personal items will NOT be permitted inside the Testing Center unless required for a specific test or special accommodation.
  • Your scratch paper is checked before you start the test and must be returned to the Proctor prior to leaving the Testing Center.
  • Your test must be completed in one sitting. You may not leave and return at a later time to finish the same exam unless permitted by your instructor.
  • NO talking while taking an exam.
  • Please speak softly as you enter and exit the Testing Center.
  • You may be questioned about suspicious or disruptive behavior and testing staff may end your exam. An incident report is given to the instructor for disciplinary action if deemed appropriate. The Testing Center is monitored by surveillance cameras.
  • NO food or drinks are permitted in the Testing Center.
  • NO children allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in restricted Testing Center privileges or denial of privileges. 
  • It is your responsibility to observe the duration of your exam when scheduling to ensure you have ample time to finish before closing.
  • It is your responsibility to contact your instructor regarding make-up testing.

TN eCampus

The Testing Center staff proctor exams for students enrolled in TN eCampus courses. TN eCampus exams are scheduled by contacting testing@clevelandstatecc.edu

Placement Exams (Accuplacer)

Placement testing is scheduled by visiting: https://mycs.cc/testing. Four (4) categories of placement tests are available. Test takers will schedule the New Student Placement Test, High School Dual Enrollment Placement Test, the Challenge Placement Test, or the Dual Challenge Placement Test. It is important to select the correct category when scheduling. Students must have been issued a CSCC student ID number prior to scheduling the Accuplacer exam and be prepared to present a valid photo ID upon arrival.

What to do before taking the placement test:

  • Submit the Cleveland State Community College Admissions Application
  • Apply for Financial Aid at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • View the practice test and review links

Cleveland State's Records Office determines if students require placement testing. Placement tests determine college readiness in reading, writing and math. No fee is required for students taking the placement test for the first time as an initial admission assessment.

A placement test is also available as a challenge option for an opportunity to improve initial placement from ACT scores or previous placement testing. Because this is not a requirement, a fee is required for challenge testing. Challenge testing is only offered one time and only to new students and must be completed prior to registering for a class schedule. A student may choose to challenge only one subject or all three subjects, reading, writing and math.

Please explore the link below for study and preparation prior to placement testing.

*FREE practice tests for the Accuplacer exam are available at https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org 

Nursing Entrance Exam (TEAS) 

Specific documents and prerequisites are required for application to the Nursing Program. Due to limited resources the TEAS test will only be given to CSCC students. Students need to be familiar with all requirements prior to scheduling/paying for the Nursing Entrance Exam. This information can be found on the CSCC Nursing Program webpage. Students should study to prepare for the Nursing Entrance Exam. Study materials can be found at www.atitesting.com

The following study materials may be purchased from ATI:

  • ATI TEAS SmartPrep
  • TEAS Basic Package
  • TEAS Study Guide
  • Online TEAS Practice Test

    The TEAS test is computerized and timed. The time allowed for the test is 209 minutes
    (3 hours, 29 minutes). The test is composed of 170 questions (20 of the 170 are unscored
    pretest questions). The TEAS test is comprised of four sections: Reading, Mathematics,
    Science, and English and Language Usage.
  • Students MUST create an account with ATI prior to arriving at the Testing Center.
  • Students must schedule an appointment 24 hours in advance and pay a $80 fee using the Cleveland State Community College Testing Center: https://mysc.cc/testing

CLEP Exams

CLEP is one Prior Learning Assessment available as an option to earn college credit outside the classroom. The most popular assessment to demonstrate your knowledge in a specific subject is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). There are over 30 CLEP exams available in multiple subject areas such as Business, Composition and Literature, Science and Math, Foreign Languages, and History and Social Sciences. For a list of available CLEP exams please visit: https://clep.collegeboard.org/exams/offered.

CLEP exams are purchased from the CollegeBoard for $90 and the test is administered in our Cleveland Testing Center for $25. So, that’s a great savings when you receive credit on your transcript as if you completed the course. You may receive 3, 6 or even 12 credits depending on the exam you successfully complete. The list of CLEP exam equivalent courses are in our catalog under Admissions and Records http://catalog.clevelandstatecc.edu/content.php?catoid=9&avoid=500#Credit_for_Non-Traditional_Learning.

To purchase a CLEP exam go to https://clep.collegeboard.org/register/exam. Contact the Testing Center by phone at 423-473-2477 or 423-473-2462 if you do not see a CLEP exam seat on the CSCC testing schedule. 

Pearson VUE Test Delivery

Cleveland State is an approved Pearson VUE delivery testing center. Hundreds of licensing and certification exams are available in the Pearson delivery system. Common exams and certifications available at our site include National Registry NREMT, CompTIA, Microsoft, IBM, C++, Excelsior College and many more. To inquire if your desired certification or exam is available at Cleveland State Community College go to the website http://home.pearsonvue.com/test-taker.aspx. Each test owner determines the locations for offering the exams so all exams are not available at all centers. We are happy to assist citizens of our community and around the area to obtain credentials for advancing in the job market and a chosen career field.

Correspondence Exams 

If you are enrolled in an online course at another college it may be possible to have your exam(s) proctored at CSCC for a fee. A proctoring fee of $28.50 applies to any student not currently enrolled at Cleveland State.  First priority for testing services is given to current Cleveland State students and faculty. For additional information and to request arrangements for testing, please make your request via email to elambdin@clevelandstatecc.edu.

Graduation Exit Exam

The graduation exit exam is administered each semester as part of the pre-graduation requirements. Once a student submits the intent to graduate form to the records office, a number of steps will follow to verify completion of graduation requirements. Completing the graduation exit exam is one of the final steps in the process to earn graduation status. The exit exam is a 40 minute exam administered in both the Cleveland and Athens testing centers and is also offered remotely (please contact elambdin@clevelandstatecc.edu for remote, un-proctored testing instructions). This exam is also referred to as the ETS Proficiency Profile. See information below:

*What is the ETS Proficiency Profile?

The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics skills. Institutions use this assessment to demonstrate program effectiveness for accreditation and funding purposes. Cleveland State administers the abbreviated version that includes 37 multiple choice questions. You may use a four function calculator on the math portion of the test.


* Where can I find test preparation materials?

The ETS Proficiency Profile is intended to measure academic skills developed in general education courses. The test does not measure specific subject knowledge. A quick review of the test content description and sample questions will help you get familiar with test content and the types of questions you can expect. You may review information about the test at: http://www.ets.org/proficiencyprofile/about/content/ and http://www.ets.org/proficiencyprofile/about/sample_questions/

*When will my scores be available?

Your score report will display on-screen upon completion of the test. You will have the opportunity to view and print your score report at the end of the test. Your institution will receive your scores as soon as you have completed testing.


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