Saying Goodbye To Grads, 2019

Saying Goodbye To Grads, 2019

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 12:00 AM

This month I thought I would share with you the final remarks I will make to our students at our December Graduation.  I consider opportunities such as this an honor and I take my responsibility seriously to impart these words on behalf of the Cleveland State faculty, staff and administration:

This is the spot in the program where the President gets to provide closing remarks – a point of executive privilege I guess – the last official words you receive as part of your college experience at Cleveland State.


I understand that I am what stands between you leaving here and COMMENCING the rest of your life – or at very least – going to dinner with your family.  


I do however want to take a moment to say Thank You!  So, THANK YOU!


You might be wondering – why is he thanking us?


I want to thank you because you have made a positive and lasting mark on Cleveland State.  You have made us a better place – a better campus family – for being with us.  You are the reason why we teach and why we serve.  You are the fulfillment of our mission – so each one of you that crossed this stage is a celebration of us completing our mission.  So, not only do we celebrate with you – we thank you for the honor of serving you.  We are a Community College – and you are our community – that is why we believe in putting “Community First” in all that we do.


I also think it is special that you receive your degrees during this special season of the year.  I have heard it said many times that this is the season of “perpetual hope.”


My greatest hope for you is that you have learned through your experience here that you can hope for any achievement that you can dream – and actually make it happen.  You all have demonstrated that you have the skills and dedication to set goals and achieve them.  Whether you are moving on to that dream job or the next phase of your education I hope you move on with the sincere belief that you will be extremely successful.


We are so very proud of you and wish you and your families the very best.  And from our family to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Bright and prosperous New Year!


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